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Frances has a private practice in Silver Spring, Maryland, specializing in serving transgender and gender non-conforming clients, clients who’ve experienced weight-based stigma, and survivors of trauma. 

Transition-related bodywork includes treating or preventing pain from chest binding, preparing for and recovering from gender-affirming surgeries, massage for vocal strain, scar tissue release, and postural changes.
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Frances Reed providing massage therapy for a client
Frances Reed at work providing bodywork

Frances Reed, LMT

Frances uses a combination of the following in their bodywork practice:
Structural Integration
Scar tissue release
Myofascial massage
Deep Tissue
Trigger point massage

A word from Frances on their bodywork practice:

Our bodies reflect the lives we live and the bodywork I do centers around the main sources of pain in the body: postural problems, scar tissue, and trauma. Supporting clients in the journey of releasing the things that do not serve them is my main objective. I use structural integration-style myofascial release which addresses full body postural misalignment that can have dramatic effects on chronic pain. Scar tissue release frees up residual scar-tissue that is left over after surgery or injury and often impedes full range of motion or causes pain. My work is trauma-informed and I welcome people with complex relationships to touch and those who are looking to explore re-connecting with their bodies during and after traumatic experiences. I have nearly 8 years of experience specializing in techniques for relieving pain caused by chest binding and top surgery. As a non-binary transgender human, I welcome transmasculine, transfeminine and non-binary clients on my table for managing the bodily changes of medical and non-medical transition." 
- Frances Reed
Close up of Frances Reed providing massage therapy on client's arm
Frances Reed providing massage therapy focused on chest binding

Chest Binding and Top Surgery

Specifically to address pain of chest binding and top surgery, Frances does myofascial massage to address the pain, constriction, and postural patterns that develop from first years of hiding ones chest by slumping forward and then binding chest tissue.
Frances assists transmasculine people getting top surgery with pre- and post- surgery massage, using myofascial techniques, techniques to increase circulation and lymph flow, and scar tissue release to assist people in getting the results of healthy scarring and maximum range of motion.

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