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Frances Reed, LMT: Activist, Healer, Educator

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Work with Frances

group class training for serving transgender clients in holistic health


Cultural competency training, live and virtual courses, and one-on-one coaching for businesses, health and wellness practitioners, and community members.
healthy binding book coming soon


Get updates on Frances' forthcoming book on binding health and pain management, which is the first of its kind.
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Clients from across the gender spectrum can find relief from the main sources of pain in the body: postural problems, scar tissue, and trauma through myofascial massage.

Cultural Competency for Gender Affirming Care

Engaging and educating through courses on healthy binding, gender identity, and serving transgender clients in holistic health and group or one-on-one trainings for organizations and individuals.
Making a difference.

What are people saying?

  • "One of the most exciting classes I have experienced."
  • "Thank you for your passion, support and knowledge. You made it easier for me to feel as if I can speak with better knowledge."
  • "This will really help my journey into becoming a more welcoming practitioner for LGBTQ clients."
  • "Frances made very clear distinctions to help us understand how many individuals wish to be ackowledged."
  • "Thank you so much for doing the work with so much clarity, compassion and focus."
  • “Getting to work with Frances Reed is always an inspiration. Both their technical and cultural competence makes them an ideal teacher and guide into this work.'
  • I truly appreciate the safe and non-judgmental space you created to allow me to learn and explore. I feel much more equipped to serve the trans community.
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A little about Frances...

Frances Reed, LMT (they/them) is passionate about making holistic therapies safe for transgender clients by teaching therapists and other wellness professionals the interpersonal and technical skills to meet the unique needs of transgender clients. 

They’ve been a licensed massage therapist since 2011, using a structural integration framework to support people at all stages of gender transition. Based on over a decade of work with transmasculine clients, Frances has developed a set of techniques for assessing and treating chronic pain and discomfort in people who bind their chest as well as protocols for pre- and post- top-surgery care. Frances teaches practitioners cultural competency skills that they need to provide affirming care to transgender clients.

They are the author of a forthcoming book on binding health and pain management, which is the first of its kind.

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