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About Frances Reed, LMT

Teaching from lived experience.
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Activist + Healer + Educator

Expanding inclusive, non judgmental, gender affirming care by educating and empowering health and wellness practitioners.
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Chest Binding & Top Surgery Specialist
Cultural Competency Educator in Transgender Health
Business Consultant, LGBTQIA+ Issues
Former Owner, Freed Bodyworks Holistic Wellness Center
Licensed Massage Therapist, Washington, DC

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Continuing education and professional development for health and wellness practitioners.
Nationally renown transgender health educator and LGBTQIA+ inclusivity consultant

Frances Reed, LMT

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Frances Reed, LMT (they/them) is passionate about making holistic therapies safe for transgender clients by teaching therapists the interpersonal and technical skills to meet the unique needs of transgender clients. They’ve been a licensed massage therapist since 2011, using a structural integration framework to support people at all stages of gender transition. Based on over a decade of work with transmasculine clients, Frances has developed a set of techniques for assessing and treating chronic pain and discomfort in people who bind their chest as well as protocols for pre- and post- top-surgery care. They are the author of a forthcoming book on binding health and pain management, which is the first of its kind.

Frances teaches practitioners cultural competency skills that they need to provide affirming care to transgender clients. Since the January 2022 closing of their trans- and queer-centered wellness center, Frances is in private practice doing transition-related bodywork in Washington, DC. Frances is a graduate of Smith College and the Potomac Massage Training Institute and founder of Freed Bodyworks Wellness Center and


About Frances Reed, LMT

About Freed Bodyworks

Films, Podcasts, Webinars, Blogs

Interdisciplinary podcast episode Part 1: Put Me at the Center & Part 2: If I Had Been Seen Sooner

Queer MEDucation Podcast Episode 27: The Basics of Chest Binding

CranioSacral Podcast Episode 144: Affirming Transgender Individuals in a Bodywork Setting

MALEFEMALE documentary short film about Frances’ gender identity and founding of Freed Bodyworks

Reproaction Webinar: Body Image and Sexuality featuring Frances as panelist

We See You, We’re Here for You on Freed

A documentary short about Frances' journey, gender fluidity, and Freed Bodyworks


Frances Reed identifies as gender non-conforming. While they love their body, they have struggled with pain and injury connected to their gender presentation. Frances’ story is about the challenges and joys of living in one’s body, while also seeking to connect and grow in relationship and service to others. This short documentary follows Frances and their long-time partner Jessica as they navigate life together, running an evolving community wellness space called Freed Bodyworks, and being who they are.

A film by Kristin Adair & Carey Averbook
Additional photography & editing by Susannah Stevens
Original music by Scott Manley

Official Selection

The Women's Film Festival, Philadelphia, 2016
Wicked Queer: The Boston LGBT Film Festival 2016
Reel Affirmations: Washington, DC's International LGBTQ Film Festival 2016
SouthSide Film Festival, Bethlehem, PA, 2016

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